Balances & Coverages

eNews Bulletin: Volume 30, Issue 1 - Visit myeprofile.ca to learn more

Check your Coverage & Balance details to know what your benefit plan covers.

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Contact Us

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Get real-time claim turnaround times and call centre wait times on the Contact Us page.

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System Downtime Notice

eNews Bulletin: Volume 29, Issue 11 - Download PDF

Please note that we will be upgrading our database hardware on December 12th, in order to maintain vendor support for this critical area of our busi…

Activity Dashboard

eNews Bulletin: Volume 29, Issue 10 - Visit myeprofile.ca to learn more

Know the financial value of your health plan by checking your Activity Dashboard.

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eNews Bulletin: Volume 29, Issue 9 - Visit myeprofile.ca to learn more

Short on time? Submit your health claims 'on the go' with the convenience of Photoclaims. Find it on your eProfile™