eNews Bulletin: Volume 30, Issue 6 - Download PDF

In 2019, BC PharmaCare launched its Biosimilars Initiative which mandated the use of biosimilars over originators for many top brands, including but not limited to Remicade®, Enbrel®, Lantus® and Rituxan®. Since the launch, the Initiative has successfully switched many patients to an approved biosimilar drug.

Recently, the BC government announced they are expanding the province’s biosimilar switching program to include Humira® (adalimumab) whereby patients must switch to a biosimilar by October 7, 2021. As the BC PharmaCare program is universal, ClaimSecure will continue to coordinate with the PharmaCare program by requiring all existing plan members currently using Humira® to switch as part of ClaimSecure’s standard Special Authorization process.

To simplify the administrative burden of switching while delivering exceptional savings and value to our plan sponsors, ClaimSecure has selected Hulio® as the Adalimumab of Choice and partnered with its manufacturer on the switching process.

Hulio® offers the following features and benefits to our plan members:

  • Same indications and uses reimbursed by BC PharmaCare as Humira®
  • Proven clinical data to demonstrate switching does not affect the efficacy and safety
  • Citrate fee formulation
  • Latex free
  • Ease of administration with a 2 steps auto-injector
  • Supported by a comprehensive patient support program including financial assistance where applicable

What does this mean to our Plan Members?

  • All existing BC members approved for Humira® 40 mg are required to switch to Hulio® by October 7, 2021. The plan members will receive an individualized communication letter to ensure seamless transition in order to coordinate with BC PharmaCare.
  • All new BC members who meet coverage criteria for Adalimumab 40 mg will be approved for Hulio®.

What does this mean to our Plan Sponsors?

  • ClaimSecure will deliver additional savings on a quarterly basis via a credit note, where applicable.

Should you have any questions, please contact your dedicated Account Manager at 1-888-479-7589.