We Take Provider Relations Seriously

To make sure you get the best out of our providers, we conduct regular market assessments and establish firm agreements to ensure a level playing field for all ClaimSecure clients.

Market Assessments

At ClaimSecure, we’re committed to ensuring cost containment for plan sponsors while minimizing out-of-pocket costs for plan members. With this in mind, we actively participate in meetings with dental and pharmacy associations. These meetings, combined with constant monitoring and analysis, enable us to identify emerging trends early so that we can keep our clients in the know – as soon as knowledge becomes available!

Provider Agreements

Maintaining strong relationships with providers is simply smart business. That’s why we regularly meet with pharmacy chain head offices. In the interest of plan sponsors, we have a province-specific provider agreement that all pharmacy providers are required to sign before claims are accepted by ClaimSecure. This agreement includes a "favoured nations" clause that prevents pharmacies from billing us more than they bill to other private payers or cash customers.